Video Gaming in India

Video Gaming in India

The Gaming industry in India is still an emergent stage in India. But it promises a immense growth potential. With a turnover of 30 million dollars in 2006, the video game sector is still underdeveloped compared to other Asian countries such as China and South Korea. However, many video game companies are beginning to invest, and India could become an important market for this sector. The Video Gaming in India is rapidly on a rise.

With a piracy rate of software and consoles of over 80% and a penetration rate of PC still low, India’s video game market has long lagged behind the rest of World, publishers and distributors of video games struggling to find their place.


Future of Video Gaming in India


Overview of Video Gaming in India –


Video games play a crucial role in their development by attracting and retaining customers and, conversely, cybercafes contribute to the promotion of video games.One of the factors driving the growth of the video game market is its large number of cybercafes. The country has indeed more than 100,000 in 2006, 40% of which are used to play online.

Like China and South Korea, India is experiencing strong growth in online gaming. With between 35 and 50 million Internet users, the country is attracting interest from the online video game industry, which is difficult to hack. The latter are South Korean games whose content has been adapted in order to please the people of the country. However, these games were only modestly successful, with about 10000 in 2006. As investments continue to rise, however, the video game market is expected to grow rapidly in India.

The Major Factors for the prominent increase of gaming can be –

  • High Percentage of young population
  • Rise in wireless usage
  • significant rise in penetration of PC’s and mobile phones
  • Prominent increase in game developers


Gaming Genres played by Indian Gamers – 

Racing, Sports and Shooting Games are the top 3 genres for gaming in India. NFS and Road Rash are the most popular racing games.

  • 5% enjoy role playing games
  • 27% enjoy games that allows customization
  • 80% of active gamers like gaming for its socializing aspect


Video gaming festivals in India


Indian Gaming Companies are also capitalizing on the growing trend by introducing various gaming options in social networking portals. The size of the PC/Online Gaming segment in India reached USD 21.68 million in 2009 . It is 17 percent higher than that of 2008. Also with a immense increase of 37.2 percent during 2009-14, it has reached around 110 USD in 2014.

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Competition of Video Gaming in India –

  • Major Clients for Indian Gaming firms include Game publishers, console makers, telecom operators, and gaming portals.
  • Online Gaming includes online gaming portals, is the leading player in this segment.
  • Console segment comprises of gaming console makers Sony, microsoft and game publishers.
  • PC gaming segment comprises of game publishers like Icreon, Paradox Studios and Trine games.


Game Users in India – 

Kids (10-14 years old) -                                                                  Play Games but usually under parental Supervision
College Students (18-23 years old) -                                            Play Games which are technology advanced
Early Earners(24-28 years old) -                                                Those who were attracted towards games earlier but 
                                                                                                            actively play games due to lack of development of 
                                                                                                            Indian Gaming Industry.

Typical Indian Gamer is male and has been playing on an average 18 months now. He plays mainly from home rather than from a Cyber Cafe. Also he plays games 3 times a week and his usual gaming sessions last an hour in length. He also spends less than Rs 150 per month on gaming. In India, there can be the Gaming environment issue. This can be the issue of money, parental pressure or interest as well. There is a low scope in playing multiplayer gaming and game development in India. But there is a continuous enhancement in this field. Gaming Industry is very vast and it is trying to be explored for future of video gaming in India.

According to Indian Population, if Gaming becomes a craze like in US , Japan and South Korea. Then its going to be one of the revenue earning factor for technical sector. For those People who thinks Playing Games is not good for their children or for them. I can clearly say that its not true. Yes, anything in excess could make a undesirable impact. We must think about some exemplary benefits of Gaming. You can check the – TOP 7 ADVANTAGES OF GAMING .


Gaming Hubs in India


Around 59% of Gamers which indicates that availability of games and reach to target audience is still limited. Proportion of college going students gaming on any platform has increased from 20% to 32% and now account for almost 50% of the gaming users.

Top Mobile Games by Revenue in India – 

  1. Clash of Clans
  2. Candy Crush Saga
  3. Clash of Kings
  4. Teen Patti
  5. Clash Royale


” Indian Online Gaming Industry to add 190 million gamers to become a USD 1 billion opportunity by 2021, from USD 290 million today. ”


Thus to understand the adoption and potential of online gaming. It is essential to assess the overall environment for internet usage and penetration of PC hardware in the country. These variables have a direct impact of gaming in India. Some of them like the number of PC’s , internet connections , size of the internet usage base, affluence levels of users, enabling infrastructure and adoption of other applications for video gaming in India.



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