The Future of Gaming Industry

The Future of Gaming Industry

The Gaming industry is thriving at the impressive rate. In the Countries like India , the gaming is expanded highly through mobile games and PC Games. The new Generation giving more and more time on these devices. The new upgrades in the technology sector makes the hardware more prominent for Gaming. The Future of Gaming Industry having the technology as its real game changer.

Now the smartphones are coming with the GPS technology, through which location based games can be played. The extreme global viral game “Pokemon Go” is the best example of it. The Technical sector is evolving at the same time. The new cool handy gadgets are developing for playing Games.


The Future of Gaming Industry


 Evolution in Future of Gaming Industry – 

The latest customized upgrades are available for every single gadget and specification for Gaming. These updates are applied to the major items like :

  • External Graphics Card
  • Processors
  • DDR Ram’s
  • Screen Resolution
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Gamepads

The major effect in gaming will be the virtual and augmented reality. Yes, you got it right. The latest Technology of virtual gaming , VR and AR. These will be discussed later in this post. Now, you must see the Online Gaming Growth in India. According to a Google Report, the Online Gaming Industry of India is expected to grow heavily till 2021. From around 360 million (currently) to around 1 Billion in 2021. This astonishing technology can be fact that how games will be played in recent years.

The high Speed Internet at lower cost makes the smartphone users to download new games and continuing playing them. The same can be a factor for PC Gamers as well in India. The new large size games are downloaded easily from the internet and distributed to their fellow Gamer Group. This high speed internet can be a source in increase of multiplayer Gaming. So , internet is also a very major factor for evolution and for future of Gaming industry.

Virtual Reality in Gaming

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Gaming :

Virtual reality is a computer technology that uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments. VR systems that include transmission of vibrations and other sensations to the user through a game controller.

Modern examples of narrow VR for gaming include the Wii Remote, the Kinect, and the PlayStation Move/PlayStation Eye, all of which track and send motion input of the players to the game console somewhat accurately.  Since 2013, there have been several virtual reality devices that seek to enter the market to complement Oculus Rift to enhance the game experience. Some companies are adapting VR for fitness by using gamification concepts to encourage exercise. others use an AR headset in combination with a light-saber for a Star Wars augmented reality game.


Virtual and Augmented Reality in Gaming


VR is having the hardware limitations in which the content depends upon the capabilities of the device. This type of limitations are not there in Augmented Reality. AR is also having easy accessibility and low investment cost for video Gaming in India.

The gaming industry embraced AR technology. A number of games were developed for prepared indoor environments, such as AR air hockey, Titans of Space, collaborative combat against virtual enemies, and AR-enhanced pool table games.

Augmented reality Games allowed video game players to experience digital game play in a real world environment. Companies and platforms like Niantic and LyteShot emerged as major augmented reality gaming creators. Niantic is notable for releasing the record-breaking game Pokemon GoDisney has partnered with Lenovo to create the augmented reality game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges that works with a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, a tracking sensor and a Light-saber controller, scheduled to launch in December 2017.

Know more about Virtual Gaming

These rapid Changes in Gaming are very benefited for Developers. They expected to get something new and impressive work for Gaming Development. The Future of Gaming Industry and Technology in India is expected to grow shuttering  in 2022.


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