Download Latest Driver Booster 5 for Windows

Driver Booster is a tool for upgrading obsolete device drivers for Microsoft Windows. Here you can download latest Driver Booster 5 for windows and keep your PC Drivers updated.

This tool can identify obsolete device drivers and download the latest version from a cloud archive . Driver Booster creates a restore point before installing the new driver.

Softpedia gave the program a rating of 5/5 stars. The program also received an excellent evaluation from the German website and from

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Driver Booster 5 free download


Features of Driver Booster 5 –

1. Detection of obsolete drivers 

By default, the software automatically scans for obsolete drivers every time it is started. Users can customize this setting and schedule a daily, weekly or monthly scan.

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2. Search for and download drivers 

Scanning of outdated drivers in Driver Booster 5

Based on the driver databases in the developer’s cloud system, the software can automatically retrieve the updated driver installation files. After downloading the files, once the user selects the obsolete driver entries and clicks update, the software updates the selected drivers.

3. Creating software recovery points

Due to possible risks of computer instability due to the update of the drivers, there is the “System Restore” function, which has been designed as a solution to remedy any PC problems, if you install the wrong drivers. The recovery point is automatically created by the recovery security software when the user updates a driver.

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Driver Booster for Better protection and Performance

4.  Software improvements and updates

Driver Booster has been developed by IObit since 2013. The initial release includes basic detection and driver update functionality. The fourth version of Driver Booster released in October 2016, added full support for Windows 10. It has a new user interface, expanded the driver database and optimized several features. Furthermore, the possibility of excluding certain drivers from the update has been added. The latest version of Driver Booster, the 5th, was released in September 2017.


Download Latest Driver Booster 5 free –

Download Driver Booster 5 free




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