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Microsoft Redestributable 2005 :

The predecessor to Visual C++ was called Microsoft C/C++. There was also a Microsoft QuickC 2.5 and a Microsoft QuickC for Windows 1.0. The Visual C++ compiler is still known as Microsoft C/C++ and as of the release of Visual C++ 2015 Update 2, is on version 19.00.23918.


Microsoft Redestributable 2008 :

Visual C++ 2008 (also known as Visual C++ 9.0) released in November 2007. This version supports .NET 3.5. Managed C++ for CLI is still available via compiler options. By default, all applications compiled against the Visual C++ 2008 Runtimes (static and dynamic linking) will only work under Windows 2000 and later. A feature pack released for VC9, later included in SP1, added support for C++ TR1 library extensions. SP1 version (15.00.30729.01) is also available in Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7.


Microsoft Redestributable 2010 :

Visual C++ 2010 (also known as Visual C++ 10.0) released on April 12, 2010. It uses a SQL Server Compact database to store information about the source code, including IntelliSense information. For better IntelliSense and code-completion support. However, Visual C++ 2010 does not support Intellisense for C++/CLI. This version adds a C++ parallel computing library called the Parallel Patterns Library, partial support for C++11. It  significantly improved IntelliSense based on the Edison Design Group front end, and performance improvements to both the compiler and generated code. This version is built on .NET 4.0, but supports compiling to machine code.


Microsoft Redestributable 2012 :

Visual C++ 2012 (also known as Visual C++ 11.0)  released on August 15, 2012. It features improved C++11 support, and support for Windows Runtime development.


Microsoft Redestributable 2013 :

Visual C++ 2013 (also known as Visual C++ 12.0)  released on October 17, 2013. It features further C++11 and C99 support, and introduces a REST SDK.


Microsoft Redestributable 2015 :

Visual C++ 2015 (also known as Visual C++ 14.0) released on July 20, 2015. It features improved C++11/14/17 support. Without any announcement from Microsoft, Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 started generating telemetry calls in compiled binaries. After some users contacted Microsoft about this problem . Microsoft said they would remove these telemetry calls when compiling with the future Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. The function in question was removed from the Visual C++ CRT static libraries in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 .

Microsoft Redistributable Files Download Free

About Visual C++ :

Many applications require redistributable Visual C++ packages to function correctly. These packages often installed independently of applications. Allow multiple applications to make use of the package while only having to install it once. These Visual C++ redistributable and runtime packages mostly installed for standard libraries that many applications use.

Programs written in C#, Visual Basic Dot NET, C++/CLI and other Dot NET languages require the .NET Framework. It has many libraries (one of them is mscorlib.dll – Multilanguage Standard Common Object Runtime Library ) and so-called assemblies .

Specifications :

Windows – 32/64 Bit

File Size – 71 MB

File Type – ZIP

Files available – 2005, 2008 , 2010 , 2012 , 2013 , 2015

  • Extract  the  files
  •  Install the files by opening each folder
  • Install the compatible windows bit version file
  • Now its Done
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